Studio Portrait Day - Studios


Provide your students and families with the lasting legacy of stunning, fine art dance portraits. Hosting a Studio Portrait Day is easy and affordable, with no up-front charges or fees.

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  • 7-minute time slots, 7 time slots per hour

  • Dancers may sign up for multiple time slots individually or with friends

  • Dancers receive: 3 Retouched, High-Resolution Images + Low-Resolution Copies for Web Use. Additional images may be purchased at $10 per image.


Pricing & Incentives

  • Dancers pay $45 per scheduled time slot

  • Studios receive 11% commission per scheduled time slot

  • If at least 20 time slots are booked, the studio receives 1 hour of time to photograph faculty, staff, and facilities at no cost


Important  Information

  • Due to time constraints, costume changes are not permitted during a time slot

  • If a dancer wishes to be photographed in multiple costumes, additional time slots must be booked

  • A minimum of 12 time slots must be booked in order to schedule portrait day

  • A studio representative must be on-site during portrait day

  • Setup/Breakdown Time Requirements: 1.5 Hours

  • Space Requirements: 20 ft. (width) x 30 ft. (depth) x 8 ft. (height)